Stem Cell Therapeutics in Modern era

Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Bone is the most widely used stem-cell therapy, but some therapies derived from umbilical cord blood are also in use. Research is underway to develop various sources for stem cells, and to apply stem-cell treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Stem-cell therapy has become controversial following developments such as the ability of scientists to isolate and culture embryonic stem cells, to create stem cells using somatic cell nuclear transfer and their use of techniques to create induced spluripotent stem cell. This controversy is often related to abortion politics and to human cloning. Additionally, efforts to market treatments based on transplant of stored umbilical cord blood have been controversial.
  • Novel Stem Cell Technologies
  • Efficient cell/dna Delivery and microencapsulation techniques
  • Cancer therapy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and Spinal cord injury
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Severe burns and diabetes
  • Imaging technologies, single molecule imaging, and super-resolution
  • Proteomic and genomic methods
  • Normal and diseased organs and therapeutics

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