Cellular Physiology and Structural Biology

The cell structure is an important target structure for drugs and bacterial pathogens. It is composed of different protein filaments that are continuously remodelled to construct a dynamic cellular scaffold. The cytoskeleton is a scaffold that gives cells their diverse and adaptable shapes and that organizes their internal structures.The cytoskeleton plays a fundamental role in all aspects of cell mechanics, such as cell adhesion and motility, cell division, intracellular transport, the establishment of cell polarity and the organization of cells in tissues and organs.Many drugs and bacterial toxins act by blocking or activating cytoskeletal regulatory proteins.We primarily investigate the regulation of the cytoskeleton in the context of cancer
  • Intermediate filaments
  • Mechanotransduction
  • Dynamics of focal adhesions and invadosomes
  • Signaling networks governing cell migration
  • Chemotaxis and directed cell migration
  • Cytoskeleton-membrane interactions including actin and microtubule cytoskeleton
  • Cilia & Flagella and Molecular Motors

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