Cell Rejuvenation and Wound Healing

Cell Rejuvenation is described as the reforming of a damaged cell. Skin compartments, epidermis, and hair follicles house stem cells that are indispensable for skin homeostasis and regeneration. The stem cells also contribute to wound repair, resulting in restoration of tissue integrity and function of damaged tissue. Unsuccessful wound healing processes often lead to non-healing wounds. Chronic wounds are caused by depletion of stem cells and a variety of other cellular and molecular mechanisms, many of which are still poorly understood. Current chronic wound therapies are limited, so the search to develop better therapeutic strategies is on going. Adult stem cells are gaining recognition as potential candidates for numerous skin pathologies. Emerging concepts offer some perspectives on how skin tissue-engineered products can be opti
  • Tissue aging
  • Antiaging therapies
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Novel therapeutics
  • Cutaneous Regeneration
  • Cellular plasticity and reprogramming
  • Cell differentiation and disease modeling
  • Stem cell apoptosis and signal transduction

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