Cell Signaling Technology

Cell signalling is major part of communication that coordinates basic activities of cells and perform cell actions. The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment on the basis of development, tissue reform, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Damage in cellular information processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes. By understanding cell signalling, diseases may be treated more effectively and, theoretically, artificial tissues may be created. Cell signalling has been most studied in human diseases. Cell signalling may also occur between the cells of two different organisms. In mammals, early embryo cells exchange signals with cells of the uterus.
  • Cell Transplantation And Intercellular Trafficking
  • Cell therapy in cosmetology
  • Injured skin therapy
  • Mechanism of transduction by cell receptor proteins
  • Target cell adaptation
  • Cell signaling pathways
  • Cellular oncogenes
  • Molecular signaling and cellular communication
  • Signal Transduction

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